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  1. Ruthless Robbery

    OK I retract my statement this just sad man. OOF!

  2. antonio guglielmetti

    People from my church like to play foosball, but unfortunately my dad has been great since college and I was on the rise to pass him up. Eventually in late 2016 I claimed I had the torch and nobody ever beat me throughout all of 2017 and all of 2018. However, our church guitarist couldn't stand it by then. He was looking up videos on how to stop certain shots, learn different moves, and even bought a foosball out of a different material that was used by the "pros" he found on the internet.... ...I still had a perfect record by February 2019 since the lions blew their last game to the Packers to win the division. He started to slip in phrases like "it's coming to an end" and "I got you now" when he had me down 9-7. Unfortunately for Him, the spirit of champions came to me once again and I scored 3 straight and he threw his phone across the basement (he threw it at the couch so it didn't break or anything)

  3. JP

    "And when I say Warriors fans I mean people that started watching the NBA in 2015..." Yes. So much yes. 90% of the fanbase is either a bunch of bandwagoners or 12 year-olds. Glad the Clippers bandwagoning didn't last long

  4. Robert Deal


  5. EGA 1022

    I miss seeing Klay strike fear into the hearts of those puny mortals during a game 6

  6. Zack Cannon

    there is one thing that gets me off cold war and it is jxmy

  7. BeAn BeAn

    Dude no one watches NBA Finals anymore cuz they don't care about Lakers winning

  8. Animelytical

    Got to say, the injuries may have to factor into the greatness of that team. I thought they were able to get another ring, but...😔 If they come back stronger, Wiseman will have an incredible career. 2022.

  9. Leroy Rodgers

    While I agree they should have two peated against the cavs originally and they definitely should have 3 peated with KD. Its hard to say 3 chips out of 4 years is cursed. But in this one case, they really should have had 5

  10. Kristopher Bailey

    Imagine *cheering* for a player's injury...... Wow...

  11. Kenny Andrew

    Just saying on a production level this intro whent hard I was like hyped as fuck

  12. Zoltán Szücs

    It's painful to watch this video. And I'm not even a Warriors fan.

  13. zevi feigenson

    do you think klay is a hall of famer

  14. Joel Posner

    Yes but the other teams they play also have had plenty injuries

  15. Shh Jeffreys

    Respect if you said no to doing a Manscaped ad

  16. PotOfWeed

    Injuries suck, and this sucks for the warriors, but with that said, things like "curse" and stuff is blowing it out of proportion. What I mean is that these types of injuries happen to teams all the time, and it's way more common than people think. For example, if you look at a team like the Pacers, they had Oladipo's first knee injury, then they had Jeremy Lamb's ACL tear, then they had Brogdon's string of smaller injuries, and then finally when they thought they had a mostly healthy squad with Oladipo back going into the playoffs, their All-Star Sabonis gets injured and is out for the playoffs. This causes them to get swept and causes the Oladipo drama, coach firings, etc which is ALL caused by injuries. But teams like this don't get any attention to their injuries cuz they're a small market team, so these "curses" happen way more often than people think. Injuries are unbelievably common and unfair for many teams.

  17. Fnc Gxdly

    pls 2020 pls stop ruining thing pls 😡😡😡😡😡😡


    nice video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Political LiL

    You know what the Warrior has got to have some sorry trainers how the hell they let this happen?

  20. revenant 33

    I'm a lions fan you dont know shit about curses

  21. kenglim17

    There’s no curse. The warriors got their rings. Blame the warriors medical & conditioning staff, they did a horrible job preventing injuries. Don’t forget how they let Durant get back in too early only for him to cupcake again.

  22. DumbMutt1234


  23. Mac 'N Cheese

    If anyone likes soccer/football, let’s all mourn the death of Diego Maradona. 2020 sucks.

  24. marcel

    Can we agree in him being the goat in basketball related videos pls?

  25. Peter Virden

    You really wasted a whole video talking about a curse. Is Mike Korzemba from 3 years ago running this channel now?

  26. Levi G

    I loved that Klay is got hurt and is out for the season. i mean even if he was playing Bron n AD woulda mopped the floor with him n steph, but now it just cements it. Warriors will never make a deep playoff run again, with or without klay. #LongLiveBron

  27. Isaac Borenstein

    Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are 2 of the NBA players that I hate the most and I wad not say that I like Kevin durant so I really don't care that Klay got injured again and Kevin durant isn't even on the warriors anymore

  28. Zion Castleberry

    To put these numbers into perspective we will use a chart

  29. Norton Fumera II

    I expect that there should be a chart

  30. H I

    Jesus loves you

  31. Terry Harris

    They curse for doing what they did too mark Jackson period. Now let's see of kerr can coach ✌🏾Ultra

  32. Simi Auto

    Warriors first 2015 Championship doesn't happen without Irving and Love injuries

  33. SocksOnFeet

    Its fitting, they won all their championships and most of their series against injured teams. Meh.

  34. ZestySauze

    Sad to see people celebrating Klay or even anyone getting injured.

  35. Extreame Ops

    The warriors sold their souls to the devil

  36. K Etienne

    That was Karma for having ZaZa Puchulia on your team. Playing out Mark Jackson, and Leaving the old stadium. Who knows.

  37. SCTEX 123

    A lot of blood dropped after 2019-2020 season. 1 - Durant Injured (Failed 3 peat) 2 - Thompson injured (Game 6 2019) and out for 2019-2020 3 - Stephen Curry choked (Game 6 2019 he missed his 3pt) 4 - Durant left 5 - A lot of core bench left like Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston 6 - Curry got injured Effect : Worst Record in season Band aid 1 - They got D’Angelo Russell 2 - They traded for Andrew Wiggins 3 -They got 2nd pick in the draft They drafted James Wiseman. 4 - They got Kelly Oubre Jr. The warriors are so different in just a year

  38. Altar

    I think warriors is the team that benefited injuries most. And thats the one of the biggest reasons why we hate them. Dont you guys remember what zaza did to kawhi or 2015 game 2 kyrie injury. Everyone knows if chris paul didnt get injured in game 6 of nba conf finals warriors will blunder. İn every championship except 2017 they benefited injuries i would call it not the curse the unbeliviable luck of warriors that made the dynasty.

  39. IamR3VO

    Man it feel like someone put a spell on the team

  40. Realms

    I didn't hate the warriors or their annoying fanbase until KD joined their team. I feel bad for Klay probably will never be the same two way player he once was.


    As a Warriors fan, I’m really annoyed because they’re getting hated on for being too good

  42. marko petrovik

    BUT ALSO. LETS TALK ABOUT HOW THE WARRIORS GOT THERE 3 RINGS OK. 2015- KYRIE GOES DOWN 2017- KAWHI GOES DOWN 2018- cp3 goes down They were very lucky when they won and very unluckey when they lost

  43. Havoc117


  44. TheBrotasticBro

    Jimmy the 🐐 but ima warriors fan so im watching this with a heavy heart 😭

  45. Theprfesssor

    Think this is the is a result of pushing themselves to their limits to meet incredible standards and making history 5 CONSECUTIVE NBA Finals trips thats ridiculous so ridiculous threw all of NBA history only 1 other team has done it to play threw a extra games against the strongest competition year in and out and be successful your pushing hard......and as history has shown regularly to hard hopefully people realize what we witnessed, it took a while lifetime for it to happen a second time how long do think it will take to happen a 3rd time.......

  46. Kristopher Bailey

    3:43 You can hear the crowd/Warrior fans 'Oooo' which = "Oh shit....."

  47. Michelle Martinez

    Fake news....😠😠😡

  48. J.R Bam Curry

    only 11 minute contract players didn't get injured *dolpin laugh*

  49. Maldorf the Orange

    I think Arenas could take Kobe in a 1v1.

  50. Marklizer

    It is crazy to see that bad luck made the warriors win only 3 rings. Imagine if they didn’t have that bad luck man they will be an unstoppable force.

  51. Tallin Cartwright

    this makes me respect the warriors dynasty more

  52. Dorito Sandwich

    Klay Thompson injury tho :( Sad for us warriors fan

  53. Stage Demon

    i hope klays has a good recovery man gonna be 2 seasons without him this season

  54. Destrutor 2626

    This man gave golden states Bandwagons fans more excuses😂😂😂

  55. Tristan Hostetter

    The intro though🔥🔥

  56. Kristopher Bailey

    When Jxmy uploads *3 or more times* in the same month......

  57. Jam Man

    Tbh tho the fans shouldn’t have been cheering when KD went down but it’s karma. You either die the hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain

  58. Kristopher Bailey

    Always a good day when Jxmy uploads 💯💯💯

  59. Marcusht

    It’s a special occasion when I see a new vid from this man

  60. Lejohnd Of cheez

    It’s better he stays not playing then risking an ingury

  61. Denien82

    5 finals in a row: more than a curse it was a miracle it didn't happen sooner. I don't know if people realise how extraordinary is the fact that Lebron has missed 0 (ZERO) playoff games in his career. If they win 3 more game they win 5 straight titles is a stretch though. What if Kyrie and Love don't get injured in 2015 then? Maybe Cleveland wins that one (they lost 4-2 with Dellavedova as a starter....) and GState changes plans. Maybe KD never goes there. Who knows... :)

  62. Ricardo Hall

    Watching all those injury hurt me every time 😔💔

  63. Bani Suyada

    where is the sax ?

  64. Michael

    in conclusion the warriors need to fire their trainers

  65. Miguel Sillero

    Who's here after he went #N1...oh wait.

  66. Nintendo Nerd


  67. Baraba Zgojena

    basketball gods' revenge for Zaza injuring KL is merciless

  68. Mikal Jardin

    Pray to Jesus today you will never regret it a relationship with Jesus is the only way to Heaven rap is the music of the devil don’t listen to rap

  69. antonio guglielmetti

    If paxon misses the three this isn't even a story 😂

  70. Charles the epic gamer

    The saddest part is that I’ve seen people genuinely happy about this, it’s messed up.

  71. S Clare

    I love Jxmy

  72. Mr.Clutch29

    I usually just skip the sponsors, but for some reason I always watch Jimmy's

  73. Tony Oliver

    Michael Jordan had bought Charles Barkley a 20,000 dollar pair of earrings while on the golf course during the series so Charles wasn't gonna go off on Michael during the championship.

  74. Lando Randall

    The curse came from leaving Oakland

  75. Yugain Arora

    This season could the most important in Steph curry legacy for the first time he doesn't have a legit second scoring option after kd left and Klay is out this is his season to prove everything if this team still makes to the final it will sure be put that Steph is undoubtedly a top 10 player all time because many people still doubt that man even though I'm a suns fan I want to see what curry could do .

  76. Mehdi Dif

    Bro lets just not act like the warrios had only bad luck They had some good too #With cavs 2015: kevin and kyrie injury #Cavs 2018: jr smith foul #Rockets 2018 : chris paul injury Its there turn now just like any other Nba team

  77. Bazz Adenmohaned

    Lerbon James is the win the championship next season bro Lakers nation has 18 champions bro

  78. jacob lydamore

    i don't wish injury on anyone but its sad to see someone comeback from a season ending injury to them get another right as there about to come back like damn

  79. Valerio Aloi

    There are no coincidences, as you said, playing such an high number of intense and long season is one of the main reasons of all these injuries, however, we should also watch their training method, because it is impossible to see so many injuries in just one team, there must be something wrong there

  80. Official Tyler

    I’m starting to question who’s their trainer🧐